Fabric Face Mask (Child)

Fabric Face Mask (Child)

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Handmade fabric protective face covering with adjustable elastic ear-loops and pocket for optional additional filter layer. Reusable and washable.

The face mask supplied will be in a random fabric pattern and colour - not necessarily the colour shown here. Please get in touch if you have specific requirements.

PLEASE NOTE that we are incredibly busy with orders for these items and all new orders will take 2 weeks to despatch. 

Instructions for use:

  1. Our masks are washable and they should be washed after every use. We recommend hand-washing your mask.

  2. Scientists advise using an additional layer or filter inside fabric masks and our masks have a pocket to enable a third filter layer to be inserted, if required. Ordinary kitchen towel (cut to size) is particularly effective. You will notice an opening between the two layers near the elastic and the filter can be slotted in here and pulled through to the other side. Remember to remove this before washing!

  3. The elastic is knotted at each side so you can tighten it by pulling out the knots and tying more securely. The loops are then placed over and behind the ears to hold the mask in place. Alternatively, you can insert your own type of elastic or tie.

  4. Wear the mask to fully cover the nose and mouth and follow the W.H.O. Guidelines about hand washing before and after wearing masks.

  5. These masks are a type of face covering but they are not a substitute for surgical grade P.P.E. However, governments across the world are advising the public to wear a face covering at times when it is not possible to ‘social distance” to help stop the spread of Coronavirus.