Refundable security deposit

Refundable security deposit

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REFUNDABLE SECURITY DEPOSIT will be payable on booking your headpiece (if being couriered to you) or on collection of your headpiece (if being collected in person from the studio).

This Security Deposit will be refunded on the safe return of the headpiece (and hat box), provided it is returned in the same condition to that in which it was hired.

In cases where the headpiece is not returned or there is damage to the headpiece (including grease, make-up, tears, rain damage, or damage to or loss of embellishment) or if it is not returned within the hire duration, the deposit will not be refunded. While Irish weather is always unpredictable, care should be taken not to expose a hat/headpiece to the rain and it should be kept under an umbrella at all times as all hats/headpieces are very vulnerable if subjected to rain. Care should be taken if the headpiece is on elastic, as they rarely break but if your hair is long, pop it up in a bun when putting on the headpiece to prevent stretching it too much, causing it to snap. 

If a headpiece is damaged beyond repair, the customer will obliged to pay the cost of replacement and the security deposit will be taken into account in calculating the balance payable.

Please see our Hat Hire Terms & Conditions.