Hiring a headpiece and having it couriered to you

Hiring a headpiece and having it couriered to you

    Hat hire customers can arrange to collect their headpieces in person (by appointment) or have them couriered to them with our courier service. Our Hat Hire service is only available to customers on the island of Ireland. Below you will find the details of the courier option.


    Having browsed our Hat Hire Collection on our website, please contact us with the following details of your chosen headpiece:

    • Product Code / Name of the headpiece;
    • Date of the event for which it is required;
    • Confirm whether you would prefer to pay by Revolut or by card. (Please note that the refundable Security Deposit is refunded much more quickly by Revolut than the other Banks). 


    If it is available, it can be booked in advance of the event date and the payment link will be sent to you to complete your booking. The link will enable you to pay:

    1. the relevant HIRE FEE (shown on the product page of each headpiece on our website;
    2. the REFUNDABLE SECURITY DEPOSIT of €50 (the security deposit is refunded to you after the return of the headpiece to the Studio in accordance with the Hat Hire Policy - see below);
    3. the COURIER FEE (usually €25 for DHL with pre-paid return within Ireland).

    When you have paid for your booking, please send us a message to confirm this and include your telephone number, email address and shipping address (including Eircode) for delivery.

    PLEASE NOTE that you should complete the booking and payment as soon as possible as headpieces are not booked for your date until payment has been received.


    We arrange for DHL to collect hired headpieces from the Studio on the Tuesday where the booking is for the weekend or a few days before your event date if your booking is not for a weekend date and you will receive the tracking information from the Studio. Delivery is usually next day or within 2 days.

    Obviously we cannot guarantee the delivery time because delivery is outside of our control once the hat-box is collected by DHL but we always try to ensure that we leave a day or two extra and therefore we cannot take bookings last minute. We have rarely experienced delays as DHL are the most reliable in our experience.


    When you receive the hat box, you will also receive the new label for the return of the headpiece to the Studio, and you will receive a link by text/email from us to click on to arrange the return collection from you by DHL. All of these details to enable the return are also enclosed with the hat. You should arrange the collection for the next working day after your event (unless a longer time has been agreed in advance). It is advisable to log on to the DHL portal in advance of the event as sometimes you will have missed the collection time in your area if you leave it to the morning of your intended collection.


    Hat Hire Terms & Conditions:

    Please read through these terms and conditions carefully as it sets out the terms under which our Hat Hire Studio (the ‘Studio”) offers you the use of its hats. By hiring a hat from the Studio, you agree that you have read and accept these terms and conditions and they shall apply to your use.

    1. The hat(s) remain the property of the Studio at all times.
    2. The full hat hire fee of the hat is payable on reservation.
    3. In the event that the booked headpiece has not been returned from a previous hire or has been returned in a damaged condition immediately prior to the booked date, the customer will be given the option of choosing an alternative replacement headpiece but obviously this will not be identical to the original booked headpiece (as we do not hold an identical headpiece for any headpiece in our collection), or the Hire Fee (together with delivery charges and deposit, if relevant) paid will be refunded. The Studio is not liable for any loss or damage caused as a result of a hat or headpiece not being available due to circumstances outside of its control.
    4. Cancellation Policy: Once a headpiece has been booked, a refund will not be given for the hire fee if the booking is cancelled. However, provided that at least 7 days notice is given before the event date, a credit for the hire fee paid, will be given for a cancellation which can be used towards another hire by that customer within the following 12 months. This credit is not transferable.
    5. Once a headpiece has been sent, it is considered a hire, even if it not worn or your event is cancelled and there will be no refund.
    6. The HIRE DURATION is usually for THREE days, and the headpiece should be returned (or posted/couriered) back on the next working day after the event date. If the headpiece is not returned within this period, there will be an extra charge for an extra hire (calculated on the basis of one Hat Hire Fee for each extra hire duration of three days for which the headpiece has remained unreturned), and the Refundable Security Deposit (see below) will be forfeited and taken into account in the calculation of the amount due. Arrangements can be made in advance for a longer hire duration by agreement.
    7. The Studio will not be liable for any delay or failure to deliver due to circumstances which are outside of its control or for any damage or injury caused by the misuse of the hat or caused to the hat during delivery or transit.
    8. The REFUNDABLE SECURITY DEPOSIT will be refunded on the safe return of the headpiece (and hat box), provided it is returned within the Hire Duration and in the same condition to that in which it was hired.
    9. In cases where the headpiece is not returned or there is damage to the headpiece (including grease, make-up, tears, rain damage, or damage to or loss of embellishment) or if it is not returned within the hire duration, the Refundable Ssecurity Deposit will not be refunded and will be forfeited. While Irish weather is always unpredictable, care should be taken not to expose a hat/headpiece to the rain and it should be kept under an umbrella at all times as all hats/headpieces are very vulnerable if subjected to rain. Care should be taken if the headpiece is on elastic, as they rarely break but if your hair is long, pop it up in a bun when putting on the headpiece to prevent stretching it too much, causing it to snap. If a headpiece is damaged beyond repair,  or is not returned, the customer will obliged to pay the cost of replacement and the security deposit will be taken into account in calculating the balance payable. Under no circumstance should the customer attempt to clean any hats themselves.
    10. All hat boxes must be returned and in the same condition as when collected. Please do not attach tape etc to the box. When returning a hat by Courier, the hat box must be wrapped in protective packaging prior to attaching the shipping label. Part of the Refundable Security Deposit will be forfeited if the Hat Box has been damaged due to not being wrapped properly prior to shipping.
    11. While many of the headpieces in the hire collection are unique, the Studio also offers a Bespoke Service and a Ready-to-Wear collection for sale, so obviously it cannot be guaranteed that there will be no headpiece of similar shape/style at the event you attend.
    12. The Studio may modify the price, content or nature of the hat hire service at any time. We may provide notice of any such changes by email, text message or by publishing them on this website. The Studio may discontinue the Hat Hire Service at any time in which circumstance, the hat hire fee paid will be refunded.